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The largest legal mining compound in Russia

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Ilya Bruman - CEO

Alexey Paikin - Managing Director

Kirill Sorokin - CTO

Ivan Ivanov - Chief Operating Officer

Andrey Kravtsov - Head of Design

Konstantin Lebedev - Development Lead

Natalia Prachuk - Marketing Director

Ekaterina Kifa - PR & GR

Sergey Starchenko - Chief Supply & Logistics Officer

What are MNRY tokens? What are they for? MNRY token is an ERC-20 compliant Ethereum token that confers the right to place mining equipment at one of MINERY mining facilities for 30 years. One token is equivalent to one watt of power capacity of whatever equipment is placed. You can mine cryptocurrencies yourself or rent your tokens out. If you want to place an Antminer S9 rated at 1500 W you will need 1500 MNRY tokens. The tokens required to host your equipment of choice can be bought during an ICO or rented when the issue has commenced.

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

The Minery project can be called grandiose, considering its plans. The creators are planning to build 5 mining farms in Russia next to one of the largest hydroelectric power stations - IrkutskEnergo. The scope is really impressive. At the moment, the truth is that is only one of five objects is in the process of construction. Project Tokens will accordingly be used to pay for its services (according to a simple scheme 1 MNRY = 1 WATT = 1 USD). 87% of tokens will be sold to investors and only 13% will receive a team and partners, which is a good indicator for investors. It is expected that the ICO will last long enough - from March to September, which is likely due to the need to collect a large enough amount to build such facilities. The team of the project is not very big, which is a significant disadvantage for such a large-scale project.

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