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METAL is the native currency.

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Smart contract blockchain




Andy Goldstein - Chief Strategy

Oscar Munoz - Chief Compliance

Madisyn Li - Creative Director

Marshall Hayne - CEO, Founder

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

Metal is such a mobile bank, only for crypto currency. In principle, this is really what is required for crypto currency, so that they become a mass way of exchanging and accepting payments for goods and services. At the moment, the technology of crypto-currency is not too adapted for everyday use, and only this and restrains it from mass introduction. But this is only a matter of time and sooner or later it will happen, so a number of projects have a chance of success. The Metal project also provides for an internal currency, which serves as an additional medium for exchange on the platform, further simplifying the use of the application. The project looks rather good, has a large experienced team and even attracted a number of investors.

User Review

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Gambler_198924 august 2017, 18:11

Very simple. But is there anything to expect from such app? It acts as an easy option to make crypto transactions. The design is very minimalistic, and that's good. The payments are almost instant as they claim "Lightning clearance time on every transaction". Hope this is true, but not sure how this will act in general as you still have to wait for miners to verify the transaction and this sometimes take some time. They aim also to make it very simple to send money to your closest people, so you could send some bitcoin to friends or family with actually one click. Seems like a nice feature. And also the general get some % back with every transaction, but there are already mainstream banks that offer such things, so this is nothing revolutionary, but of course a nice bonus to get.

I know what I'm talking about24 august 2017, 18:06

I can easily see it being used by a lot of people in the future when cryptocurrencies become mainstream. The biggest advantage is the fact that you can get a part of your transaction back in a form of a cashback. The app itself look very simple and easy to use. It is impossible to get lost or mess up something. And I like it. The app needs to be for simple people who want to try the decentralized currencies transactions. The team is another big advantage as everyone there is experienced with both banking and money field and the developers know how to use the blockchain technology.

Milkyway65432122 august 2017, 19:08

I wanted to complain how I'm fed up with another coin that will claim to beat bitcoin and become a new cryptocurrency, but they actually don't announce any battle for that title, they want to help the cryptocurrency world in a general with a tool that will make it easy to use crypto payments in everyday life, brining it closer for a mainstream people. You will also get some part of the money you are using in a form of a cash back. The design is pretty good and the team is the biggest advantage as they are very experienced both with banking and payment arranging and also blockchain technology.

j.bob213 august 2017, 12:44

This project brings us even closer to a world when you don't need to carry your wallet or hand money to anyone directly. With you phone you can send it in a matter of seconds to anyone in the world. The fact that you will get a cashback in this coin when you spend your money is pretty encouraging. The developers are experienced and have already worked with money and payment systems and blockchain technologies. It's small simple and pretty usable.

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