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A decentralized collaboration platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Steve McCloskey - Chief Executive Officer

Keita Funakawa - Chief Operations Officer

Scott Morgan Chief Financial Officer - Chief Financial Officer

Edgardo Leija - Chief Experience Officer

Vincent Brunet - Chief Technology Officer

Adam Simon - Project Developer

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TanyaDegurechaff09 september 2017, 18:04

The thing that set this ICO apart from the others is that it’s like a huge teamwork project. But instead of being lead by someone who takes the credits in the end the credit is separated equally to the individuals that work on the project. The idea is great since anyone who has a solution in a problem can share their answers to it and the same time has the potential to gain from it. Now the thing that on my mind when I was reading the page is that, when the project or product is released into the market and it is patented. Will the entire group worked on that project will be included in the rights of the patent? I think this is an issue that this ICO will tackle in the future. Overall the idea of this ICO is very good since it is focused on solving problems.

Micheal Bucker08 september 2017, 22:29

So they want to create a platform that will enable users to post their problems and provide bounties for someone who solve them. Sound quite interesting. It can be used from asking for help with your school's homework or maybe solve some programming issues when your code doesn't want to work. It can even act as a platform for people doing scientific research. Very interesting concept, and as we know, if there are enough people who will think how to solve this particular problem, someone will surely find an answer and they can together create something bigger.

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