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A revolutionary digital assets exchange focused on security, simplicity, and sustainability

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Nate Flanders - Co-Founder & CEO

Anant Handa - Co-Founder & CSO

Trevor Soares - CMO

Zach Daniels - CTO

David Hoverman - Director of Operations

Justin Hart - Director of Digital Marketing

Jerry Das - Director of Motion Graphics

Sam Jadali - Director of IT Operations

Darrell Prins - Senior Designer

Will Smith - Project Manager

Andrew Carman - Business Development

John Boyce III - Community Leader

Eric Slonaker - Community Leader

The word "Mandala"​ means "Universe"​ in ancient Hindu & Buddhist texts and was specifically chosen as Mandala ties us together, connectively, through the universe which follows blockchain logic and the blockchain vision. Our flower of life symbol is designed with nature's fibonacci numbers at the heart, representing the continuity the universe provides.

At its core, Mandala is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and blockchain asset exchange focused on simplicity, security and sustainability.  Mandala empowers users to become more profitable on the platform by offering advice and support at each step of the trading process.  This training approach is something not currently available in the blockchain asset exchange space.  Our vision is to make trading actions on the platform very simple to understand and execute.

By utilizing easy to understand risk management and profit taking strategies, the platform will cater to novice investors but still offer features advanced enough for institutional investors as well. The Mandala platform will include integrated trade signaling for entries and exits, vital trading data and analytics, simple trading bot functionality and much more.  With these powerful features, users will become more profitable and learn as they go without missing opportunities that they might not have otherwise identified or taken advantage of.

The psychological barriers delaying mass adoption should continue to be broken down as large companies such as IBM, UPS, eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Bank of America, etc. continue to invest or express interest in blockchain technology.  As new investors see these established companies deploy blockchain technology, their faith and sentiment of crypto will turn more positive.  This will cause exponentially more money to flow into the market over the coming years and the entry point for new funds will be through exchange platforms such as Mandala.

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

The Mandala project leaves a good impression at the first glance. They are creating crypto exchange with features such as level 2 trading, automatic bots and portfolio managers. They even offer their own risk strategy system. However, it should be noted that competition in this market may be tough. For successful competition, it will not only require a lot of money to develop a product, but also much larger amounts to promote it. Although it is worth paying tribute to the fact that the whole project is prepared competently. There is a big team and a well thought out distribution of tokens and even a design outline. The team successfully conducted ICO phase and raised enough funds for a proper platform development.

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