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Collaboration of Neural Networks

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Smart contract blockchain




Ante Magnusson - CEO, Co-Founder

Andreas Theiss - CTO, Co-Founder

Daniel Kim - Data Engineer

Isaac Welch - Solidity Developer

Alessandra Taylor - Marketing Advisor

Christopher Davison - Sports Statistical Analyst

Magos is a complex AI forecasting model based on collaborative system of neural networks. Take advantage of precise forecasting abilities of AI, and share its success by receiving monthly dividends.

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En!oy03 september 2017, 19:42

I'm not too sure what to think about this project. They seem like an artificial version of Augur, that aim to make a huge prediction platform, but this time with the help of some AI that will learn patterns and analyze the market and the whole crypto and betting environment.

The design of the site and the platform in general is very good. The colors are very bright and alive. Their open tests indicate that the platform has a chance of being successful and the predicted returns and profit are very favorable. We will see.

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