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The decentralised Art Investment Platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Marcelo Garcia Casil - Co-Founder & CEO

Jérôme Croisier - Chief Art Officer

Miguel Neumann - Founding Partner

Federico Cardoso - CTO & Co-Founder

Javier Tamashiro - Compliance

Federico Videla - Information Security

Maecenas will democratise access to fine art by creating a decentralised art gallery - a truly open platform where anyone can own a piece of a Picasso. We are building a global art blockchain market where assets are traded quickly and fairly on a liquid exchange

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

Maecenas enables people to easily invest in fine art in a transparent and efficient way. You can buy shares and partial ownerships of famous pieces of art. The artworks remain in custody of galleries, trusted institutions or collectors and the investments are fully protected by insurance and a strong legal framework. Maecenas is therefore basically a decentralized auction platform. The blockchain guarantees transparency of the auction, while Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) ensures that investors’ economic interests and ownership rights will be always protected, even if the platform closes. Investors will be able to collect dividends when their piece of art is leased to a gallery or put on exhibition. The team is relatively big and have successfully delivered beta version of the platform. Also, the first auction already happened with 14 Small Electric Chairs by Andy Warhol, which got a national media coverage.

User Review

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Vikings are not extinct boy08 september 2017, 22:44

Ever dream to buy Monalisa but couldn't afford it? Well now you can, maybe not literally, but still... This project aims to make it easier to invest in art. You can buy small shares and contribute to galleries that want to buy some painting but don't have necessary funds.

The site looks quite good, there are a lot of pictures of art and paintings so it's well-themed. There is a lot of information provided and everything seems to be well-thought and transparent so the project looks solid. I'm not sure what will mainstream people and other art galleries think about this idea and if they will accept it, but if a lot of art gets on this blockchain, I can find it very interesting and one can build he's own portfolio with parts of some famous and expensive paintings from all over the world.

Harry Smith08 september 2017, 22:40

Whoa, this project looks very interesting. They aim to create a blockchain to make it easy to gather funds for buying art pieces and investing in them. You don't have to buy a whole painting worth millions, you can only buy a small ''share'' of it, making it also easier for art galleries to in a way crowfund a new collection. Everything is backed with the real art and secured not only by the smart contracts but also legal means when it comes to buying art. You can in a way build a portfolio of art that you invest in.

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