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The world's first ergonomic smartglasses, powered by blockchain.

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Lucyd is launching the LCD token sale to develop the glasses of the future. Our next-gen AR display is going to put your favorite apps right before your eyes, so you can finally look up from your phone. Watch the video to see a preview of how Lucyd technology can streamline the way you receive information and communicate. We all want to look up from our phones, and AR is the answer. Enjoy a glimpse of Lucyd Lens!

Expert Review

3.2 out of 5

In such futuristic and technological cases, a potential investor needs to be careful, if the company is in fact able to deliver what they promise. Lucyd wants to create possibly, first smartglasses, that will be connected to the blockchain. They claim to be able to put various apps and features right before user eyes. However, it's a matter of real usability vs very interesting simulations and pictures from the promotional materials. There is huge risk when it comes to this technology as there are little to no people that are ready to use them everyday. It would be hard to find potential customers and develop the glasses so that they are something more than just a fancy gadget, that makes your eyes and head ache after few minutes. Lucyd explains their ideas and features for glasses with all the details on their site and in their whitepapers. They seem prepared to deliver this product properly.

User Review

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ICO_hunter01 december 2017, 19:53

I met someone from Lucyd at the Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara this week. There aren’t a lot of product ICOs, so Lucyd stands out that way by making AR smart glasses with apps on blockchain. And I agree with the expert review that this type of tech is a risk, but everything in this space and investments in general all have embedded risk. What’s promising here is that if you read their patents (there’s 13!) and see how they apply the first in class features to lightweight glasses it has the potential to upend big players like oculus rift and Microsoft’s hololens which remind me of the first mobile phones: giant and clunky. Look at the team they’ve assembled too which include the inventor who runs the National Science Foundation Center for Freeform Optics, the guy from Amazon’s Computer Vision Group, the director of USC’s Vision and graphic lab plus 5 other PhD’s. They have a good shot at making this reality and obviously by the looks of it this token sale will accelerate development. They’ll probably end up being sold to FB or Microsoft or Google once they have a working prototype.

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