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The first Network with Decentralized Payment System on Blockchain

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Smart contract blockchain




Alexej Karpov - CEO - Lead Engineer & Founder

Valdemar Degner - Analyst and marketer

Elena Degner - Financial Analyst and Advisor

Lilia Bauer - Content manager & contacts with customers

Aleksandr Onikienko - Marketing AdvisorICO expert, Global marketin advisor, VC analyst

Роман Романченко - Lead developer & Engineer

Vladimir Dzyubanov - Lead developer & Project developer

Alexey Seleznev - Web Designer & Project developer

Albina Chernozhukova - Frontend developer

Vitali Karpov - Java developer & system administrator is a new European social network with decentralized payment system on Blockchain for the audience of hundreds of millions users. Our project allows users to get several services immediately in one application. We have combined social network, messenger, music and movie - video portals, radio broadcasting and events on one platform. Litenett supports more than 30 languages and it is available on all devices.

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

Litenett is in a way all in one platform, which offers services like social network and payment platform, but also video streaming, radio broadcasting and private messaging. They want to create the first multifunctional European based network. The app will allow users to manage and create various type of content, groups and microblogs. Litenett supports more than 30 languages and it is available on all devices. The Token will be used as the primary payment option within the ecosystem and there will be many ways to earn it. Users can receive the tokens as a reward for managing blogs and groups, but also for viewing ads. The team consists of good amount of members with managers, marketing specialists but most importantly developers, web designers and programmers. It's good that they put emphasis on the development and didn't hire only managers and advisors like many ICO projects do. Each member info and experience can be traced as they link their social media and LinkedIn pages. The site is very well designed and the whitepapers provide all of the necessary information to help understand the project's idea.

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