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Liquidity Network


Secure Blockchain Payment and Exchange

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Smart contract blockchain




Arthur Gervais - Co-founder

Rami Khalil - Inventor of REVIVE

George Sedky - Developer

Guillaume Felley - Developer

Thibault Meunier - Developer

Janine Videva - Marketing and Communication

Imran Khan - Marketing and Communication

Tony Tran - Marketing and Communication

Mohammed Kasstawi - Marketing and Communication

The Liquidity Ecosystem provides blockchain payments for everyone with the off-chain Liquidity.Network and the Liquidity DEX, a non-custodial off-chain exchange.

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

Liquidity Network wants to create a simple, scalable, secure blockchain payment and exchange. Another coins designed for handling payments may seem like a not interesting idea given many people use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum for this, however they can process only ten's of transactions per second. Liquidity Network mentions that regular mainstream platforms have to process over thousand transactions per second, which means such blockchains are not convenient to act as an efficient payment systems to run worldwide. This projects claims that they found a way to provide scalable and cheap microtransactions being delivered almost instantly. They support off-chain payments, which are much lighter for the network. The design of the Liquidity.Network and Exchange is centered around the notion of universal hubs. As such, a user that is joining a hub, can transact his funds with any other member of the hub, instantly, off-chain and therefore at significantly lower costs than regular onchain transactions. The hub architecture is quite interesting because funds are no longer limited and locked between only two users, but accessible to thousands of other users on the same hub. It's worth noting that there are already working prototypes of the system, which shows that the developers are working effectively on delivering such platform. The design of the site is very futuristic and looks quite encouraging for potential investors, who visit it to research information about this ICO. The whitepapers provide lots of detailed information and the team consists of experienced and skilled members. The competition may be tough, however this project seems to be prepared quite well.

User Review

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ICO Review24 june 2018, 19:19

When I see another project designed to create "more convenient payment method" I automatically assume it's another clone of bitcoin, litecoin, ripple or other top coins. However, it's true that current cryptocurrencies struggle with scalability, fees and transaction times. The networks are usually overloaded or they become too expensive for micropayments. Therefore, a neat solution would be quite interesting. However, it's hard to believe that one project found the solution if so many of others didn't. The idea of hubs combined with off-chain transactions is actually very interesting and may be at least temporary solution and improvement. The project is well designed and has a working beta so it's quite promising.

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