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Largest Decentralized Multi-Crypto Exchange

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Dmitry Seliverstov - Development Founder, CEO

Denis Maverick - Development Co-founder, CDO

Artem Palkeev - Development CFO

Dmitry Kucherov - Development CTO

Alexandr Nikolaev - Development Smart Contract Engineer

Andrey Leschinsky - Marketing CMO

Dmitry Bronnikov - Legal Expert

Dmitriy Prokudanov - Finance Expert SSP at IBM


  • SECURE TRADING – We created programming logic that makes it impossible for only one side of the trade go through. That is, either both traders get their side of the trade or neither do. LIGHTBITATOM is an innovative exchange platform that will change the cryptocurrency landscape. Our Lightbitatom exchange platform would be integrated with top leading cryptocurrencies allowing users to get maximum profit from the stable cryptocurrency market.
  • SECURE WALLET - As we are going to make our platform highly sophisticated in terms of security, our customers can experience the safety of their cryptocurrency. Trade anonymously, securely, and stay in complete control of your funds without sacrificing trading speed.
  • USER FRIENDLY PLATFORM - WE are going to design our system with ease of functionalities so any beginner can learn trading easily. Moreover they can get experience from experienced traders by using special global community forum on trading methods.
  • AUTO-PILOT TRADING - We integrate the option on our entire list of cryptocurrencies with bidding option on either buying or selling platform which will continue to give notification on trading status to users, and trade automatically on the basis of predefined bids.
  • DECENTRALIZED TRUSTLESS PLATFORM - Means you cannot lose your coins through hardware failure, lost credentials, or other negligence. Hash time-locked contracts ensure that the atomic swap process is completely trustless by ensuring both fulfill the requirements of the trade.
  • REFERRAL PROGRAM - Traders will have unique opportunity to get bonus from their referral's trading profit. It can be given by means of reduced trading fee or any additional bonus.

Expert Review

4 out of 5

LightBitAtom claims to be the largest decentralized multi-crypto exchange, however it's hard to say that at that very early stage of the project. There are many projects and successful ICOs which want to create a decentralized exchange, therefore in order to stand out from the crowd LightBitAtom wants to use "cross-chain atomic swap" technology. Among the positive points, it should be noted that there are several publications about the project in the media, including those well known in the ICO and blockchain spheres and the overall media coverage is on a very high and positive level. On the other hand, the design of the site doesn't look too good, there is a relatively small team listed on the site which consists of only 6 people and 2 advisors, and the whitepapers lacks enough details. It is also worth noting that marketing costs are expected to be 1.5 times higher than for product development, which can be both good and a bad side, as it would be better if the focus was put on the technology, however it's understandable that they want to encourage as many people as possible to use the platform.

User Review

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programmer24 april 2018, 20:40

good idea,exellent job! tested their bounty program and was pleased. I think this team of specialists will create a strong project. When I had questions, Dennis(one of the team members) properly I all explained to me. Thank you!

outbeargen23 april 2018, 22:27

Thank you for all. I believe in your project and I am sure that the price of your token will go up,and you will provide excellent service. Спасибо вашей команде. Уверен,что у вас всё получится и токен взлетит в топы!

LightBitAtom17 april 2018, 18:07

Solid concept and innovative ideas, professional team of experts and advisors. The project implements new technologies together such as atomic swap and Lightning Network. Secured off-line wallets guarantee safety of users' assets.

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