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Platform for Security Tokens

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Smart contract blockchain




Pierre-Yves Dittlot - CEO - Founder

Garnett Gilchrest - CTO

Joe Petrowski - Engineer

Sebastien Bonnet - Head of Strategic Development

Michele Dargenio - Digital & Marketing

Mario Rathouis - Development

Olivier Cacciuttolo - Full-stack Web Developer

Faustine Moussé - Graphic Designer

Yanjiao Yang - Chinese Press Relation

CollinCrypto - Gambit Founder and n°1 Bitrated trusted agent

Trey Rawles - International Relations

Sergio Contaldo - Entrepreneur & Blockchain Investor

Stephane Daniel - French qualified lawyer

Charlotte Robin - Junior Legal Advisor

Bridging the gap between the on-chain and off-chain worlds.

Ledgity is a platform and mobile application fully dedicated to Security Tokens. All users finally get access to a technology 100% compliant with applicable laws and regulations governing security tokenization. 

Imagine a world where exchanging assets and transferring value is as simple as sending a text message. Imagine Ledgity.

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