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Layer Protocol


The decentralized reputation, incentive, and payments protocol

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Smart contract blockchain




Euwyn Poon - Core

Derrick Ko - Core

Z Cheng - Core

Galen Danziger - Core

Patrick McLain - Core

The decentralized reputation protocol for the global sharing economy, built on the blockchain. 

Layer is a complete protocol built on the blockchain that gives sharing economy platforms and their users a universal, decentralized reputation system.

Layer can be easily adopted by existing centralized platforms, DApps, or direct P2P transactions where reputation plays a role (eg. subletting an apartment on Craigslist).

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

Layer Protocol wants to create a system that could benefit other projects, dApps and platforms. With the popularization of various services which need to trust the users with their products, Layer Protocol wants to create an ultimate reputation system, so that service providers can see if they can trust their clients or if maybe they want to reward them and incentive the positive and good behaviour. It's worth noting that before hitting the rest of the market, Layer will be showcased and used by the Spin platform, which specialize in providing scooters and bikes all over North America. It is a leading urban and campbus smart mobility provider. LRX will act as the main payment method within the platform. The current core team is relatively small, as it consists of 5 people. The developers behind the project have noticed that in recent years asset-sharing has lead to a new generation of successful and popular companies. Looking solely at the idea and the suggested solutions Layer has a chance of becoming a universal reputation platform, especially as this market that they are exploring will only expand in next years.

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