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A tokenized bond issuance and investment platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Taber Silver - Managing Director and Founder

Lachlan Feeney - Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder

DR GREG TIMBREL - Information Systems Consultant

LUCAS CULLEN - Information Systems Consultant

Yasmine Everstets - PR and Marketing Director

James Blinco - Digital Strategist

Labrys  are building a platform to radically change the way individuals and institutions invest in bonds. Built on Ethereum, the Labrys Platform will utilise the benefits of blockchain to forge the most efficient investment gateway to the global bond market. Through the tokenisation of bonds, we are able to eliminate middlemen, establishing a direct relationship between issuer and investor.

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Mark34501 december 2017, 04:41

After reading the white paper I have seen that Labrys will be paying their users in LAB tokens, meaning that they will have to buy tokens off the open market. Also, I read that the tokens are locked in when being used on the Labrys platform. I see this token price going sky high (Continuous demand and restricted supply). This project looks very promising, will be keeping my eye on this...

JasonT01 december 2017, 01:44

Will be telling my crypto pump group about this one. Looks amazing. I spend most of my time online sifting through list sites like this one looking for projects that stand out. It's getting further between but good to see there are still great projects out there.

moonlanding28 november 2017, 03:57

Have completely gone through the Labrys whitepaper and can safely say I'm very excited for this ICO. I recommend everyone go through their whitepaper. So many projects using tokens just for the sake of it, a blockchain solution in the big institutional world of finance makes a lot of sense. Great work guys, exciting times ahead :)

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