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Personal identity verification platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Daniil Rausov - Founder

Nick Evdokimov - Strategy Director

Sergei Bekrenev - Co-Founder

Eugene Zonov - CEO

Artem Haritonov - CTO

Matteo Rossant - CBDO

Service that allows to verify users and to prevent fraud. It is based on blockchain technology as a tool for protecting and validating personal data of Internet users.


For users Personal information is protected by encryption and biometric data Data is hosted on user’s device User is able to choose information provided to service Document verification with digital sign For services Reliable information on user Absence of fake or dublicated user profiles KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance Ecosystem for customer and service interaction

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

KYC wants to create a reliable verification service. Thanks to the blockchain technology, users information will be securely encrypted. Various online services, platforms and sites will be able to benefit from this feature, as there won't be any fraud or fake information provided by users. And the user doesn't have to fear that some site will get access to all of his information as he can decide for himself how much does he want to share with them. All of the data is stored on user's device, therefore no one else has power over it. The overall appearance and design of the platform is quite good, they provide all of the information about project transparently.

User Review

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coinfinder11105 february 2018, 15:17

guys, be aware. this is a scam coin. they 1) postponed the ico by one month 2) they changed their accounting treatment without disclosing it in the white paper. It was only after they made the change and numerous users question this change, they made this announcement. Please my conversation with them and make your decision. see my post under the comment section here:

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