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Kora Network


Infrastructure for Inclusive Financial Systems. Connecting people, communities and capital.

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Dickson Nsofor - CEO & Co-founder

Maomao Hu - CPO / Co-Founder

Eugene Fine - Blockchain Advisor

Dan Buckley - CFO

Zahen Khan - CMO

Lauren Harrington - CAO

Bryan Uyanwune - Product Lead

Gideon O'tega - Africa Operations Lead

Roman Katsala - Lead Developer

Victoria Mygalko - Blockchain Lead

Kora Network brings financial inclusion to everyone anywhere on the globe - especially the unbanked. The platform allows anyone to have a credit history whether or not they own a bank account thereby bringing helping to ensure a higher standard of living to a wider populace using the power of blockchain technology.

Expert Review

2.9 out of 5

Kora Network is a financial services infrastructure whose mission is to connect people, communities, and money in one ecosystem. As such, it offers financial services to users through SMS, USSD interfaces, smartphones, and in person access. Kora plans to work within the boundaries of the present financial system to comply with governmental rules and procedures. Kora network has a good website and they have got some really good media partners. Their whitepaper and roadmap is above average but still ita good. They have a good and experienced team. Their community is growing and they support Kora network as well.

User Review

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Tender Investor20 may 2018, 22:40

If Kora is successful to stick by its mission, this is a project that can bring hope to billions of people in the world who are underserved by the currently existing financial systems. It removes the burden and complexities of expensive and inconvenient financial services. They have a good team and their community is still growing. After taking a look at their whitepaper and roadmap it is understood that the project is just average. So I won't invest in this project because it will not make me any profit.

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