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Connecting​​ People​​ Through Reward-Based​​ Communities ​​on Blockchain

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Smart contract blockchain




Gideon Nweze (Gibson) - CEO & Founder

Artem Shatilov - CMO & Product

Hugo Hellebuyck - Business Development

Rostislav Maslov - CTO

Leonid Startsev - Computer Scientist

Uladislau Sazanovich - Developer

KickCity is a Y combinator startup school Alumnus and completed Microsoft Bootcamp in Helsinki. The startup has innovative products that currently generate revenue. KickCity has offices in Delaware, Houston, Helsinki, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

KickCity is building products that will drive huge demand of KickCity Tokens (KCY) while creating real value to the users. By creating the online value community, which is supported by a strong offline events community, KickCity will be a bigger Facebook for the crypto community and cause adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Expert Review

1.8 out of 5

The name of the project is not well chosen, as there is another already successful ICO project also named Kick, which may cause some marketing troubles. KickCity combines few social platforms all focused on different aspects. There is an event information and scheduler, but also a platform for experts to share their content for money. Overall, the project looks a bit chaotic and the information is not too detailed. Also as it's with any social platform, the users will play the most important part and there doesn't seem to be any significant and successful marketing campaign to encourage not only investors, but future users. They don't offer anything, that isn't already being offered by other platforms.

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