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Brian Brackeen - Founder & CEO

Mary Wolff - COO

Cole Calistra - CTO

Dr. Stephen Moore - CSO

Ben Virdee-Chapman - CDO

Max Porter - VP Sales

Herwig Konings - Co Founder & CEO, InvestReady

Mario Pazos - Blockchain Angel Investor • COO, Pazos Law Group

Steve O'Hara - Chairman of the Board, Kairos • President, New World Angels

Kairos believes it's possible to make natural identity usable for every person on the planet

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

Kairos claims to be the first artificial intelligence-driven ETF for blockchain assets. It is a crypto-asset management fund which is run by an AI program and is focused on trading blockchain-based assets. Its objective is to make informed investment decisions and better-calculated risk while investing in volatile crypto markets. The AI agent running the platform is called Kairos and is described as “predictive by nature, and analyzes mass data sets with incredible speed and accuracy.” The Kairos AI manages the Kairos Fund by optimizing and harnessing the vast investment potential available in the crypto markets. It is being developed by two companies, including Rocky Mountain Ayre Inc. (RMTN) and Ocubicle Inc) which are sharing their physical and intellectual resources to bring the platform to life. Kairos’s whitepaper describes details about the AI system’s investment strategy. The company claims “many factors are implicitly considered” before Kairos invests in a crypto asset. Some of the considerations are underpriced crypto assets with long-term growth potential, crypto assets that are experiencing strong and consistent growth, assets within a certain market capitalization range, assets deemed to be a good value relative to the value of the company’s business. Kairos is led by Timi Olorunyomi, a tech entrepreneur who has a considerable experience of more than 10 years. Other members being Timothy Ayre as a financial market expert having 25 years of Wall Street experience.

User Review

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ICO Review03 july 2018, 10:05

As far as I know, Kairos isn’t the only trading bot on the market. There are numerous options inside and outside the cryptocurrency community. It has not published its performance results publicly at this time but will start investing in markets in September, and then begin publishing its results in December. So currently I have neutral feelings about this project, All its aspects are fine but would they succeed in their goals is what time will tell.

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