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Our goal is to enable businesses and consumers to pay for a premium Internet experience and to do so easily across multiple Internet Service Providers globally.

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Nathan Helfrey -

Heng Him -

Brian Pixton -

Dominic Meduri -

Gary Trepte -

Neville Latchman - Network Architect

Milan Castillo - Legal Council


The Internet as it operates today treats all traffic equally, however, not all applications function well when congestion occurs. Private networks have been prioritizing business critical or latency/drop sensitive traffic for years and it is now legal for Internet Service Providers to do the same. IQToken will easily connect users and businesses with ISPs to allow them to pay for fast lane or premium Internet experience for their critical applications.


IQToken will create incredible value for:

•         Businesses that use site to site VPN and cloud services for business-critical applications.

•         Consumers who use video chat, video streaming, online gaming, and are day traders.

•         ISP’s that want to monetize the network they have built.

•         Application developers that want to add a premium Internet experience and capture additional revenue.

Expert Review

2.9 out of 5

IQToken offers not the most rational solution to the problem of traffic overload - to allow some users to receive priority access for an additional fee. In their opinion, the future of the Internet looks like this. One can argue with this, because it would be much more sensible to increase the bandwidth of the network, which will happen in the near future. So the very idea of ​​the project is already rather doubtful. The project site also leaves a rather bad impression - its design is slovenly, and the amount of information is very small. Low presence in social networks - only three accounts, one of which is in Instagram. Information about the team does not contain either photographs, or a description of the role of the participant in the team and links to their social networks.

User Review

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rwroxs23 april 2018, 23:07

As a network engineer this is actually a very interesting project if successful. Increasing bandwidth doesn’t solve the problem of Internet congestion, Quality of Service or Quality of Experience does. Networks are all designed with over subscription. Carriers are not going to give bandwidth away for free, they have to monetize their investments somehow. I like how they want to bring this to all users not just large companies like Netflix.

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