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First blockchain option for all-purpose cleaner

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Smart contract blockchain




John Wish - Vice President

Zeev Drori - Chief Engineer

Andrew Yeo - International Sales & Business Development

Ana Shell - Co-investor

Ekaterina Mose - Independent escrow agent

Dace Ozola - GPMI system manager

Expert Review

3 out of 5

IONCO is a project which actually has a product to sell it is a blockchain option for an all-purpose cleaner. It combines humans basic needs to the blockchain. The cleaner can be used for removing odor from shoes, interiors or cars and can be used to disinfect objects such as toys, computer and other things found at home. The team is pretty small, but the members have put some thought into the project, making the overall evaluation neutral.

User Review

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John_10101004 may 2018, 12:27

The concept of combining blockchain for basic human needs is a great idea but currently, there are issues of the acceptance of the blockchain in some areas and this kind of projects is great but it is not the time to bring in projects like these as these will the least of interest of a majority of people. If I had to invest in it then I would have because projects like these will be needed once the blockchain and cryptocurrencies issues are solved worldwide.

TanyaDegurechaff15 september 2017, 15:37

The first thing that comes to my mind when I saw the website and the video is that. They are trying to sell a cleaning product that only contains copper and silver ions? First I have research what are ions and I found out that it is a charged atom or molecule. Then it a question came into my mind. What the heck is a cleaning product contains charged copper and silver ions? Then I remembered that copper and silver acts a natural disinfectant that is why it is used in kitchen wares. So I came into a conclusion that if you charged copper and silver Ions and use it for disinfection the effect will be much stronger. The concept is good but is it profitable? The answer is yes. Because water is the most cheap and abundant compound element in the world. And most of us are concerned about harmful chemicals that may affect or family’s health that’s why we select non harsh cleaning products at home and this ICO is taking advantage of the demand for non harmful cleaning products. So if you are looking to invest your money in this ICO, I think it is a good idea.

Mials14 september 2017, 21:43

I like the concept of IONCO. This concept has related to human basic needs between global economy development. I predict that human needs of it will be increased for more and more in future, so it is a very big potential project.

They are launching the bounty campaign which means we can earn IONCO coins that worth at least $50 dollars with simple task. For sure, there is a requirement. For me, it is worth to invest time for look into this token. Don't miss out the 2nd stage of ICO launching from September 10 to October 12, 2017.

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