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A decentralized internet

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Smart contract blockchain




Fran Villalba Segarra - Founder & CEO

Zoran Joka - Developer

Srdjan Radulovic - Developer

Milan Vasic - Developer

Nikola Ivkov - Developer

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

Internxt offers to main features - X Core and X Cloud. The first one is a a peer-to-peer network and dApp that enables data to be shared all around the world. Hosts within the network donate their unused resources of their computer creating very powerful storage and computing servers. Users who devote their computing power and drive space will be rewarded with INXT tokens. The X Cloud feature is a natural data storing improvement, as they want to use blockchain technology to improve security and efficiency of cloud storage services. They aim to solve problems such as having jurisdiction to censor individuals, providing users data to governmental agencies, and selling customer data to other companies. The files are end-to-end encrypted by smart contract cryptography. The team behind Internxt is relatively big and consists of experienced and skilled members with the focus on software development. The project partners with Civic.

User Review

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TanyaDegurechaff09 september 2017, 11:19

First things first the site expects us to deposit an amount into contributing when the details of the project is not thoroughly discussed. I would not expect that this new system will be booming for the next years even though it will be launched. Forgive me for my honest opinion but for a simple person that has a bit of understanding how this system will work I think that it may be successful but it will not grow into a giant company that will truly influence how we use the internet today. I hope that they succeed and deliver what they promised.

Harry Smith08 september 2017, 22:33

After clicking on the site we are welcomed by a huge sentence that says ''Welcome To A New Internet''. Quite brave statement. They aim to create a decentralized Internet with peer to peer cloud computing. Everyone can contribute their computing power and resources so that others can use it to stare data or run sites, execute programs and so on.

The idea itself sounds pretty good, however I'm not sure if they will be able to make it as popular as they dream it to be. It surely won't be a "new internet" and there is no chance all the people will suddenly stop using what we've got today and transition to this project. But maybe they will success on a small scale, however without many computers contributing their space and power to the cloud platform, it won't succeed. So i'm not so sure about this project...

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