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Internet of Coins


Blockchain Freedom (R) Evolution

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Smart contract blockchain




Joachim de Koning - Founder

Robert de Groot - Co-founder

Amadeus de Koning - Developer

Luca Verhees - UX/UI

Ronny Boesing - External Consultant

Steffen Hoffmann - Developer

Expert Review

3.8 out of 5

Internet Of Coins aims to build a decentralized network transaction system for hybrid assets which will make the transfer of value between different blockchains possible. It uses threshold cryptography for swarm escrow functionality and is a peer-to-peer network which operates over darknets, enabling users to transact value across blockchains and value systems. The team is good and the overall team evaluation is neutral. The website looks fine and the roadmap seems well planned and practical and the whitepaper is also well presented.

User Review

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Indie_204 may 2018, 14:11

Allowing users to transfer value between different blockchains according to me is not that great concept. The team does not seem to have executed the project that well. I think the roadmap is and the website both are pretty simple. Overall, I would not consider investing in the project.

catface917 august 2017, 13:37

And again one of these project that will let you have all your internet assets and finances in one neat place. The platform aims to create a peer to peer secure trade of various digital assets and act as a one place to manage everything you do in a digital money world.

The design seems quite okay, not the best one, but you can find what you need easily. They have their goals clearly set and know what they are talking about. The team behind this project is wide and there are enough people to develop it properly, they also seem like a reasonable choice.

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