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INS Ecosystem


Decentralized Ecosystem Directly Connecting Grocery Manufacturers and Consumers

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Smart contract blockchain




Dmitry Zhulin - Founder

Dmitry Khovratovich - Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Michael Schmidt - US Expansion

Peter Fedchenkov - Founder

Paul Yakshankin - Technology

Fedor Lisitsyn - Manufacturer Relationships

The scalable blockchain-based platform that enables consumers to buy groceries directly from manufacturers at lower prices, with convenience.

The INS concept is validated by consumer interest and received strong support from manufacturers. They signed memoranda with Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Valio, FrieslandCampina and MARS.

All manufacturers will be able to list and sell products directly to consumers, gain customer feedback and reward loyal customers. Smart contracts power loyalty programs, blockchain makes the supply chain more efficient and trims costs.

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

INS Ecosystem wants to connect manufacturers directly with the customers, therefore limiting and cutting off any middleman and retailers fees and prices. A customer can benefit from such connection by getting high-quality groceries cheaper than in stores and convenient method for online shopping. A manufacturer has a power of advertising his product directly to the customers and setting their own prices. Of course, success of such platform relies on the amount and quality of offered products, but the project has already been in talks with leading manufacturers. The team consists of real people with traceable experience. As they offer a service that can be used by many people, they have a chance of inviting even mainstream customers to use their platform and if the products there will indeed be much cheaper than in stores, they can gather a significant amount of users, making the token itself also popular.

User Review

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baris.dotnet05 december 2017, 21:14

is this really happening ? blockchain everywhere ? but let it see in actions ...
Question is why the grey scale market would want to go transparent.
"The INS platform is designed as a very high-load system. The market potential for the INS ecosystem consists of billions of users, each of them making dozens of orders per year."
using ETH and bitcoin as payment this is a joke right ?

Aaron S.28 november 2017, 11:55

This ICO has very high potential to be successful. It would be foolish not to invest here for a good profit if you knew about it now. Their existing business platform of grocery delivery from producer to customers can spark big synergy once INS token is implemented to their system.
The development team is as good as any out there. 4 Harvard MBAs, Univ. of London, experience working at Goldman Sachs, Rothschild, IBM. And the line up of their advisors is splendid. I'm in. I expect this ICO to reach the hardcap very quickly.

Stanislav30 october 2017, 01:08

At first sight I thought that it is one of these eCommerce systems, but after taking a closer look at their whitepaper everything became clear. INS Ecosystem really suggest a new business model based on blockchain technology. Maybe we'll see a new "uber" but in grocery supply soon. +1 participant to you guys!

antonyugai9130 october 2017, 00:28

Nowadays the current system of consumer - manufacturer interaction has two real barriers in the person of wholesales and retailers. Obviously the goods presented on the shelves of retail stores have marked up prices. Thus there is an increased price for a manufacture. Consumers buying products at the retail market pay essential part for marketing costs of retailer at the same time having a limited selection of presented goods made by retailer. The INS Ecosystem offers fundamentally new approach for grocery market bypassing the interaction of consumers with trusted third parties. A new era of grocery business negotiations is coming.. Hope you guys will succeed in your super idea! Cheers and thumb up!

ignatsevich9229 october 2017, 15:21

Very interesting and perspective project. Removing middleman from the supply chain between grocery manufacturer and consumer by decentralized ecosystem and smart contracts. Great idea! That's definitely what this industry was lacking in!

Yuri Pro.29 october 2017, 13:40

One of the biggest ICOs in Q4 2018, and one of the most credible ones. The service INS is planning to provide will certainly be in demand, as already confirmed by an increasing number of manufacturers that have signed agreements with the company (Valio, Mars, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, Frisenland Campina , others are coming soon). It goes without saying that consumers will also reap great benefits. All that it takes now is for the project to achieve its ICO goal and some patience then! I'm investing.

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