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indaHash - tokenizing influencers’ industry.

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Smart contract blockchain




Barbara Sołtysińska - CEO

Dariusz Zieliński - COO - Chief Operations Officer

Daniel Wróblewski - Chief Software Architect

Dmitry Khovratovich - Blockchain Advisor

Bok Khoo - Blockchain Advisor

Monika Drabek - Head of People Operations

IndaHash the award-winning app which connects 300,000 influencers from 70 markets with global brands introduces the indahash coin. Our mission is to tokenize the entire influencer industry to solve major issues between brands, influencers and their audiences. Our cryptoeconomics implies circulation of the indahash coin among all of these groups and creates a new type of relationship and added value.



Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

indaHash is an already working platform that connects various influencers like bloggers, youtubers or content creators with various brands that seek an interesting way to conduct a marketing campaign. With the popularization of social media, people with a lot followers can make a real impact on the world and they recommendation may mean much more than any other usual advertisement. The developers want add blockchain technology and their own token to help ease the process of payment and management of such campaign. As they are focused on marketing campaigns, they are doing a very good job when it comes to advertising their ICO, thus we can expect that there will be a lot of buyers. Social media play a huge roles in our lives, and brands seem to like cooperating with influencers.

User Review

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Sam27 november 2017, 04:31

I highly advise anyone who missed the pre-ICO to not buy on the ICO day and wait at least 1-2 MONTHS after the ICO before buying or until the price of IDH gets corrected and adjusted corresponding to market movements for the following reasons:

1- ETH was about $300 when the Pre-ICO event was going (1 ETH= 4200 IDH) and Eth is expected to be about $500+ on and after IDH ICO launch.

2- Most ICOs goes down 25-70% in the first 2 months after listing on an exchange (MEANING you'll be able to buy IDH for much cheaper if you wait)

3- Three months from now Eth could be over $800 which will buy you over 9500+ IDH tokens from an exchange!!

4- IDH coins are intended to be really cheap ( keep a low value) to the level where influencers can just giveaway IDH to their followers as a symbolic reward.

Hope this information help everyone to make a wise financial decision before jumping in blindly.

Anger Management01 november 2017, 22:37

We live in a world, where a youtube has a greater impact on the people than a movie star or other celebrity. These ordinary internet people and content creators are in fact capable of reaching the biggest amount of followers. I understand, that future of the advertisement is a neat cooperation with them, therefore such platform will be for sure needed to ease the process of negotiating and setting up the deal and the campaign.

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