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Building blockchain-based platform and marketplace

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Smart contract blockchain




Natalya Zakharova - Marketing Consultant

Michael Starkov - CEO

Olga Starkova - Opertional director

Sergey Lobanov - Architect

Yaroslav Timantsev - Support

Alexander Bykov - Customer Service Specialist

Expert Review

3.8 out of 5

iBuildApp Network is wants to create a blockchain-based platform for the mobile advertising industry. They will create a decentralized, mobile marketplace based on Ethereum Blockchain. One of the features will be adNetwork which will focus on solving the issues of ad fraud by linking up users directly with advertisers and recording all interactions in an immutable and transparent manner. The blockchain technology ensures the advertisers that they are paying for real views, clicks and interactions, which leads to decreased costs and increased efficiency and quality of ads. The App is already available on Google Play Store. The team is not clearly listed on the site, however they are hosting multiple events and appear in promotional videos, therefore there are real developers behind it.

User Review

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TanyaDegurechaff17 september 2017, 17:59

This ICO’s purpose is to provide service for people who wants to create an app without the knowledge on coding and android development. It caught my attention since I personally want to create an android app but don’t know how to. When I visited their site I was impressed by the layout. It’s simple, the color combinations are good, and the page is responsive. I have searched the profiles of the individuals in this ICO I found most of them which is a plus for me because if I am going to spend my hard earned money on this ICO it is best to know who they are. And the thing I like about this ICO is that they have already an app that you can use and they have a list of customers which availed their service.

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