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Hubii Network


A Blockchain-based Decentralised Content Marketplace

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Smart contract blockchain




Jacobo Toll-Messia - Founder & CEO

Jens Ivar Jørdre - CTO

Mark Briscombe - Commercial Strategy & Planning

Øyvind Pedersen Jr - Blockchain advocate

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

Hubii Network is an ethereum blockchain based decentralized content marketplace helping the content producers leverage the power of smart contracts. It is useful in content production, amplifying content reach, detecting fake news, crowdfunding. It has HBT, its ERC20 token to create an efficient and frictionless ecosystem. Hubi Core focuses on user friendliness and combines both wallet manager and exchange. Striim feature is responsible for seamless payments between content owners and content distributors. The team members have high experience and are dedicated to the project and overall team evaluation is positive. The roadmap clearly shows the next updates and upcoming features and has a majority of conference dates and the whitepaper is greatly presented.

User Review

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Indixo113 may 2018, 10:49

This project aims to be a blockchain content marketplace which I personally think is not a great concept as the userbase it targets, doesn't actually need this type of project currently. The project is greatly executed and has a dedicated team and a well designed but lengthy website too but it would only be successful if it somehow gets large user base which I don't think would be possible so I would not consider investing in this project.

xbill8204 september 2017, 11:15

The CEO is known to be a non trusted man with his previous company. not good looking tbh. besides i dont see the point of suck platform on this market. It has a lot of marketing and thats not a good sign from my point of view. nobody is going to use it but the ceo is going to make money, thats all he wants.

I know what I'm talking about24 august 2017, 18:28

I don't see the market for such platform. I mean they aim to create a marketplace for artists to sell their creations like picture, music or videos, but is it really needed? I mean if they have their own fanbase they can sell it directly to them, and if they are for example artist wanting to sell paintings, he can easily do this and list his work on existing selling goods sites. A music creator has great amount of platforms where he can get paid with others streaming or downloading his music. The project looks overally good, but I just don't see the point of creating such platform. There are already other, better ones. So this project will just die out after completing as no one will most probably use it. But I have to admit, the design, the team and the papers looks quite decent.

palmbird22 august 2017, 16:34

Advantages are that developers can set their own price that they would like to be paid,the support of Hubii network is very fast and good,low cost ,ico on ETH.(but can be seen as an minus also by only accepting ETH).
Disadvantages are that it is not for people of the US,there are already lots of companies fishing in the same pool.

themainman17 august 2017, 09:54

Hubii Network is a decentralized market place for developer which enable developers to sell their services with very low services charge. the company originally based in norway we start token sales on 24th August and 50 million USD token will be offer for sales using ETH. this was announce on Itube video by the CEO. Hubii Network have professional staffs and they respond to inquiries quickly.
accepting single Payment option ETH
US citizens are not allow

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