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Horizon State


Has built a token-based blockchain voting

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Smart contract blockchain




Jamie Skella - Director of UX

Dan Crane - Chief Online Officer

Nimo Naamani - Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Vertes - Chief Financial Officer

Jason Theron - Technical Analyst

Building atop of distributed ledger technology, we’ve created a digital ballot box which cannot be hacked, and is many multiples cheaper to run than traditional voting processes. Our technology underpins the world's first public blockchain based voting system in wide use, developed for use by MiVote members.

Expert Review

3 out of 5

Horizon State aims to provide us with technology and platform that should have been used by most countries already. With the power of blockchain, it's transparency and reliability they want to provide secure and trustworthy voting tools. That way it will be much cheaper to vote, not only when it comes to choosing the president or governors, but also making decision on important matters. The project looks quite solid, and they most likely will be able to easily develop such platform. However, there is little chance that suddenly many countries will decide to use their platform officially and legally. They may start with providing voting tool for small cases or maybe for solving issues in companies, but their aim to bring the true democracy may be too hard to execute.

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