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Honestis Network


Portable Identity Provider with Artificial Smart companion

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Smart contract blockchain




Brennan Bennett - Health Informatics + Blockchain Consultant QBRICS, INC COO

Kallol Roy - PhD, A.I. scientist , Researcher at Statistical Artificial Intelligence Lab, UNIST, South Korea , Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

Tomasz Waszczyk - Quant Trader and Programmer

Adam Ziółkowski - Ethereum lover & graphic designer

Maciej Skałkowski - Animator

Mateusz Hirsch - Project Manager and Software BackEnd Developer

Expert Review

2.9 out of 5

The first thing that catches your eye on the project's website is its very old-fashioned design. It is clear that you can not evaluate the project only by its design, but this design for a high-tech project speaks volumes. But the description of the project leaves the same impression. It seems that this is a project that wants to somehow use the blockchain technology, and starts from that, rather than from a real problem and finding its solution. All other aspects from the project team to the White Paper - everything leaves a bad impression.

User Review

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jamestrumftrump05 december 2017, 21:35

I have invested so much in this ICO I hope it will hit back with profits and fast increase of user database.

I love Musk point of view and A.I. must be developed not only by google or China.

This new logotype is not so star shaped which is good !!! enough stars we want unicorns.

baris.dotnet05 december 2017, 21:21

This either will be most epic episode in history of blockchain technology advancement or dozens of neverending code repositories to be scavengered and taken into next level in next ICOs. Good for community, I want that code.

I see some updates on facebook
We will see -_o

Little_Ann27 august 2017, 19:21

"A system of application which will bring your life to the next level of security, variety and effectivity. "
"individual artificial assistant to help you"

How come they aim to create some presumably high tech AI or other complicated algorithms if they even can't provide proper description of their platform, any decent design and proper translation of the papers and the site.
It just seems like a big mess, which really puts me of this project, which could be quite interesting, but the way they deliver it is very bad and it's an example for other developers how NOT to sell your product, even if it's technically advanced and probably interesting.

ICOinvest26 august 2017, 14:15

First of all, the design is awful. I would advice to immediately close the site after clicking on it. It's a sign that these developers don't put enough effort into their project, so it can turn out to be scam or just not successful poor project.

They want to create some app that will analyze what you're doing and respond to it. Something like a personal helper, reminder. You can set up it to remind you to take your medicine or go to a meeting. Nothing revolutionary.

boluu13 august 2017, 18:21

From what I understood it's like some sort of personal diary, assistant that based on your input can analyze it and suggest better solutions or remind about regular things that you are supposed to do.

But the delivery of this product is so poor. The design of the site just doesn't exist. It's not intuitive at all, the information are hard to find and hard to understand. Not sure if they are not native english speakers or just do it so bad that it smells like scam from few miles.

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