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Hero Node


The next generation decentralized Blockchain fog APP development platform.

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Smart contract blockchain




Guoping Liu - Founder

Daniel Li - Senior developer of Blockchain

Carl Zhu - The author of Hero Cross-platform development framework

Jacob Yu - Full stack developer

Mason Zhang - Senior developer of Blockchain

John Patrick - Overseas Director of Business Strategy

Bella Yang - Data scientist

Lilian Lin - CMO

Gina Li - Product Manager

Eric Clark Su - Oversea Partner

The next generation decentralized Blockchain fog APP development platform.

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

Heronode uses the Hero protocol to integrate with different public blockchains and build a cross blockchain, cross-platform development solution for DApps.Hero node also will build a fully decentralized node network which contains multiple kinds of public chain and IPFS storage to support fully decentralized applications. Hero node is not a traditional public chain but a platform, a solution that combines the concept of a public chain, mobile cross-platform technology, and for computing. They have a huge community and there is a great hype for the project. Their community is well managed by community managers. The website is decent with a user-friendly interface. The whitepaper is good and the roadmap is also made short and accurate.

User Review

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John218 may 2018, 10:30

There are many such projects but Hero node has been successful in creating a great hype among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It's a good project with a great and success striving team members. I will surely invest in Hero node but will invest according to the market rates as I don't think I can make much profit out of this.

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