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Gold Backed Tokens from Live + Revenue Generating Business

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Smart contract blockchain




Robin Lee - CEO

Roger Ward - Corporate Development

Wykeen Seet - Technology

Ridwan Abdullah - Business Development

Manuel Ho - Marketing

Mario Mahmood - General Counsel

HelloGold's live and revenue-generating app allows low-medium income people across Asia to save in gold cheaply and easily. This will allow them to to save in a stable store of wealth instead of their unstable domestic currency. Plans to integrate blockchain and ethereum smart contracts would mean that hundreds of millions across Asia and other emerging markets around the world via Gold-Backed Tokens (GBT) would be able to access gold using blockchain technology.

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

HelloGold is a platform that allows its users to buy / invest in Gold online. The project already has running applications in the App Store and Google Play. As for the essence of the project, it seems, that it trying to use the fallacy on the need to bind currencies to any real assets. While the cryptosystem community is trying to create a new currency that will not depend on obsolete assets. Perhaps in this case project should better expand the number of available assets, not only gold. The project does not look very convincing and doesn't offer anything really new.

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