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Manages digital assets, invests in Blockchain startups, provides various services.

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Smart contract blockchain




Vytautas Pe - Founder, Digital Asset Manager

Marius Strelčiūnas - Marketing

Antanas Sučyla - Communications

Ярослав Мазур - Editorial

Expert Review

2.5 out of 5

HEDGE wants to provide all the tools and whole facility to manage various assets and in a way create it's own economy. Worryingly, they provide little to no information about project details. Even with the ICO phase being in it's late stage, no whitepapers are to be found. The sole project's idea is also not known. They want to create many things, but provide little details. The overall apparel, site design and first impression is very good. Choice of colors and logo itself looks interesting. The team is very small, but can be traced and there are real people behind this project. Hedge looks like legit project, yet too many things are unknown that it may be risky to buy their tokens.

User Review

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themainman29 august 2017, 22:32

good website navigation with graphic design
Ethereum based network
active social pages and quick response to inquiries
good token distribution with 10’000’000 HEDGE for supply
roadmap and whitepaper not present
minimum token purchase is too high. 1 ETH
ERC 20 wallet only supported
US citizens can not participate
team members doesnt have traceable working background

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