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Universal Digital Health Care

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Smart contract blockchain




Javier Blanco - CEO

David Conde Sayans - CCO

Shafi Ahmed - Medical director

Juan Sebastián Valencia - CMIO

Diana D. Reinoso - Lead designer

Anxo Soto - CTO

The Hearthy ecosystem consists of a protocol that supports a blockchain-based PHR, a value-sharing digital currency, and a suite of open-source applications that facilitate adoption and increase network effects.

In our ecosystem, patients, medical professionals, healthcare providers and Electronic Health Records (EHR) vendors communicate with each other, generate and transfer value and increase the efficiency, building and deploying a system that is more economical, efficient and patient-centered.

Expert Review

4 out of 5

HearthyCo wants to improve the healthcare sector by developing a blockchain platform. This will allow to cut off any unnecessary middleman and third-party companies, reducing significantly costs of medical services, waiting time and of course a reliable health record stored on the blockchain. Overall, they look more than good, from the design to the technical part. The graphics on the site are very well done and encourage to invest in the project. They even provide a prototypes of mobile and web apps. However, health is a subject rather taken by the government and while the project may be good, they may find it hard to be actually used in many places. One small private clinic may not be enough.

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