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A decentralised payment network and stablecoin

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Smart contract blockchain




Kain Warwick - Founder

Justin Moses - CTO

Jordan Momtazi - Partnerships

Tim Bass - Project Lead

Samuel Brooks - Blockchain Lead

Anton Jurisevic - Blockchain Engineer

 “Havven is a decentralized payment network designed to enable everyday cryptocurrency purchases.

The network utilizes a dual token system to reduce price volatility. The fees from transactions within the system are used to collateralize the network. The collateral is secured by the blockchain enabling the creation of a new asset-backed stablecoin, nomin tokens. Each transaction will generate fees that are paid to havven token holders. As transaction volume grows, the value of the platform increases and active participants are rewarded with increased transaction fees.

This permissionless, low-fee, and stable payment network will enable anyone anywhere to transact with anyone else. Join us in creating the future of money.”

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

The main target for the Havven project is to create a stable cryptocurrency. Nowadays, the market changes so rapidly, that noone really knows to what price of his tokens he will wake up next day. Havven is a decentralised stability marketplace where users requiring stability pay those who provide the collateral to back the system. There are two tokens in the system. Havvens, which acts as the collateral token and nomins, which is the stablecoin. Each transaction will generate fees that are paid to holders of the collateral token. Such stable token may be a great step in achieving mainstream popularization of cryptocurrencies and use them more often in everyday purchases or just simply as a secure store of value.

User Review

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Trip09 february 2018, 17:55

I really like the design of the site. It is also a very interesting concept to have two coins that would complement each other leading to a one stable currency. Also the team behind the project look rather solid, there are a lot of members with years of experience. They are all linked to their linkedin profiles, so they are transparent about themselves, which is a good advantage for any ICO, as many suspicious ones don't want to list their members or put fake pictures and descriptions.

John J09 february 2018, 00:15

I think this may be a step towards world-wide adaptation of cryptocurrencies. Especially because of it's stability, as now it would be weird to buy like everyday groceries with bitcoin as the price changes that fast, that even minutes can change the final costs of the products and it won't be convenient to use. Also holding coins that are susceptible to market volatility is also risky and it would be better to have something more stable to store your small fortune.

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