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Harbour DAO


Harbour is revolutionizing the world of investing since

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Dean Eigenmann - co-founder & CEO

Dylan Dewdney - co-founder & CSO

Nick Jorens - co-founder & CIO

Klajdi Ciraku - co-founder & CMO

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

According to it's site, the Harbour is a tool set used to design the best governance system possible for any organization, a comprehensive set of rules that connect organizations with the necessary components required for efficient decision-making. In simple terms, the project allows any organization to transfer management to a decentralized environment based on the blockchain. Thus it is possible both to use ready presets, or create individual settings for concrete situations. The project site and its White Paper contain very little information. And in general it seems that the project is far from being ready yet and they are looking for investments at a very early stage, which does not inspire much confidence.

User Review

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palmbird15 august 2017, 11:08

I like the logo with the sailboat,when you see it you want to know more about it .But then you directly have the idea that something is wrong.The team wasn't ready for such a challenge i think.I hope for early investors that they get their money back.I the project want to restart they need a new name and different approche.

boluu13 august 2017, 18:28

And so it ended. They haven't met proper regulations by SEC and were forced to close. They claim that anyone that have invested will get their money back, but it's yet to be seen.

However if they ever try to change their plan and comeback I don't see them as a total failure or scam. Their idea was kinda brave. They wanted to create a mutual fund that could be influenced by voters who hold the token. It had it's drawbacks like people with huge vote power could manipulate the value of the token itself.

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