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A decentralized investment ecosystem

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Smart contract blockchain




Brian Nichols - President and founder

Roger Staton - CTO, Director of programming

Bethany Thacker - Chief Data Officer

Ajinkya Lahade - Co-Director of machine learning

Arpit Gambhir - Co-Director of machine learning

Chad Boggs - Director of graphic design and marketing

The HADE Platform creates an environment with services for finance professionals, institutions, and individual investors that is second to none. Our HADE tokens will be presented as the safest, most secure, and preferred currency for purchasing premium services, future investment products, and advertisements. HADE Token owners can convert their tokens to a variety of ad spots with different levels of value, which are then purchased by advertisers to reach our large audience of engaged users.
The HADE Platform’s free products are without major competition; all use breakthrough technology; and are completely necessary for investors. Our market ready product will achieve significant growth and penetration into the financial information market, while the HADE utility token grows in consumption through direct purchase and our reward system.
We believe that traditional investor ownership of HADE Token, through direct purchase and our reward system, will encourage the purchase of premium services, investment products, and advertisements. The expected transaction volume on HADE Platform from both premium services and ads should result in a very liquid and valuable currency over time that provides increased security on a platform with transactional volume.

Expert Review

3.4 out of 5

The first thing that potential token buyer will see about this project is unfortunately poorly designed website. It is very hard to find useful information there. The whitepapers are of bigger help and describe the main goals of the project. Hade wants to become the world’s largest network for investment research. They will achieve this, by connecting various technologies like blockchain as a database storage, machine learning and AI for better data analysis. The main feature is that because of these technologies the services provided by this platform can be significantly lower than at other research platforms. Moreover, some of the content will be provided by other users and specialists, which will be rewarded with the tokens. This can encourage the social connection within the platform.

User Review

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89292314 january 2018, 19:44

The design of the site is very bad. It gives this "unprofessional" vibe about the project. If they can't make sure the information there is neatly provided and to make it advertise better to potential investors, that means the project can also not have the highest quality or even get all of the necessary funds. I'd be careful with it. Also, there is too little features in my opinion to require raising that much money for a informative and research platform.

Johnson214 january 2018, 19:41

So Hade is basically a big research platform, where you can find a lot of information, analysis and various articles. It seems like the platform is almost ready to be used and some kind of beta version is already accessible, which is a great advantage. However, the question is, how revolutionary a simple research platform can be? Of course the machine learning and AI technology will be a very interesting additions to this, but I don't think it is that needed or will be that helpful.

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