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Democratizing access to wholesale energy markets

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Smart contract blockchain




Alex Miller - Cofounder Chief Techology Officer

Karl Kreder - Cofounder Chief Security Officer VP of Hardware Engineering

Mark DAgostino - Cofounder Chief Executive Officer

Matt Walters - VP of Engineering

Claudia Pop - Researcher

Pablo Peillard - Marketing Lead

Grid+ functions as a commercial utility in select deregulated markets in the United States. Grid+ agent devices pay for all electricity bills automatically and in real-time. All payments are done over state channels using BOLT tokens. Each BOLT token is equal to $1.00USD and is 100% backed by USD deposit. For transparency, all fees from these payments are held by a fee vault smart-contract called Karabraxos.

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

Grid+ is created to allow people distribute electricity in order to save it and money. Grid+ suggests such features as Efficiently Predict Usage, Arbitrage Energy, Creates economic incentives through market-based energy pricing encouraging the adoption of distributed generation (solar panels), and distributed energy storage (batteries). The use of blockchain in everyday life seems to be a good idea in case of successful implementation. After all, the blockchain is ideally suited for the application of Smart House technologies, as a way of interacting devices among themselves. The project has detailed documentation, which describes all the important aspects of its implementation. It's bad that there are not enough technical specialists in the project team.

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