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Blockchain platform with gold-backed crypto assets

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Smart contract blockchain




Dmitry Plutschevsky - Founder and CEO

Anton Akentiev - Lead Blockchain Developer

Konstantin Pichugin - CTO

Evgeny Volfman - CO-FOUNDER AND CBDO

Igor Ryabenkiy - CO-FOUNDER


The GoldMint platform is built on a private blockchain, based on the Graphene technology. The key advantages of Graphene which has determined the company’s choice is that it is open-source, and offers a full variety of instruments needed to bring our project to life right out of the box. Moreover, it adheres to modern security standards and has a lot of worldwide financial blockchain systems realized on its basis. Private Blockchain This allows us to build a robust and safe architecture with a high bandwidth and the ability to use custom Proof-of-Stake consensus. Vending Gold Storage A safe storage that gives the ability to quickly and safely take out loans using gold or gold jewelry as security. Goldmint App This app creates and proceeds blocks within the private GoldMint blockchain and recieves a commission for the processed transactions. Goldmint API This API allows any financial institution to use GOLD cryptoassets as a means of payment. Furthermore, such an API permits any third-party holder of large gold assets to tokenize their assets and create their own work logics.

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

GoldMint company emits GOLD digital assets on its own and ensure their buy-back at the current gold price. Another project that tries to create a cryptocurrency, tied to gold. One can argue for a long time that this binding is exactly what the cryptocurrency should help to get out. But it's better to look at the project itself, maybe it offers something more. It was impossible to find information about whether the company already owns some gold reserves, a legal entity was registered only recently, so most likely not. It can be noted that the team claims specialists with experience in financial and gold and currency companies. In the rest nothing special, worthy of attention.

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