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Golden Fleece


Project anticipates to build cryptocurrency mining datacenter

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Smart contract blockchain





SHOTA METREVELI l - Chief Counse

DAVID BERAIA - IT Infrastructure Architect

NIKA SAKVARELIDZE - Investor Relations Lead

LEON LIM - Procurement Lead


Expert Review

3.5 out of 5

Golden Fleece wants to build a huge mining datacenter in Georgia. The location has been chosen for its tax free convenience. Moreover, they will use green energy generated from hydropower plants have developed unique, naturally self-cooling high density mining unit. First HDMU is consuming 350 KW electricity and accommodates up to 250 Antminers. Additionally, GFL offers third party mining equipment hosting services. On the downside, the blockchain and the cryptocurrency seems to have no actual usage in the project, other than to raise funds for the facility and act in a way as company's shares. The team is wide and consists of both business managers and project leaders but also renewable energy specialists and technicians.

User Review

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ppppp25 august 2017, 18:36

So they want our money to build a big mining farm and make money out of it and we get a useless coin? Seems unfair. I hate this kind of approach and I'm pretty sure such project will fail. I don't see how investors can profit of this and I don't even consider this ICO a proper blockchain token. It's just a fancy share, that you can sell on the exchange later. They even aim to buy back the shares at very low price and destroy them.

The design is quite okay, nothing interesting. The specs or information provided seems okay. They've chosen a place, will have cheap electricity and laws and regulations on their side. But the benefits of buying are little to no at all.

Lils25 august 2017, 18:27

So they are raising money through ICO to build a huge mining facility. They have chosen the place quite carefully and they seem to have planned everything well. They are building this in Georgia, because of pretty cheap electricity and most of the energy being produced in eco friendly way.

In this kind of projects developers often choose to award initial buyers some profits and parts of profit, however I couldn't find any information about benefits of buying this token. It seems like it's just simply a share that you can later sell on exchange. Kind of disappointing.

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