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Blockchain Option for Gold Mining

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Smart contract blockchain




Draško Jocić - Founder and CEO

Dr.Uroš Herlec - Main Geologist

Ing. Vital Dittrich - Mine Engineer

Nadiorou Dabo - Country Manager

Anthony Ashley - Chief of Mining Operations

Alexandr Grebennikov - Financial Analyst

GOLDEA unlocks the gold mining potential and democratize investing in gold mining with higher standards in terms of transparency and voting feature of each investor. GOLDEA solves the problem with the Ethereum based blockchain project, geared towards creating a modern platform which consists of developers and investors aiming to realize the gold mining projects together. GOLDEA offers GEA token, which value will reflect a generated profit of the company over time, at the discount rate, as an option available to anyone worldwide to invest into exploitation of the gold deposits by eliminating intermediary costs, formal barriers, technical obstacles, and personal disclosure.

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

Goldea has noticed that even though the gold investment has been of value for so long, there is a lack of truly secured ways for regular people to invest in gold mining. They want to provide this security and transparency by using the blockchain technology. A smart contract will secure the deal and a person would then earn dividends from gold mining every 3 months, which will be automatically distributed to the investor. The overall design of the site and information provided there are quite decent and gold investment has always been a rather stable one.

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