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Global Listing Exchange is building the world’s only Capital Market Directory & Social Finance Network

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Ronald P. Russo, Jr. - Founder & CEO

Marc Baskin - Controller

David Mauricio Muñoz - Senior Software Engineer

Michael J. Piatt - Advisory Board Member

Larry Johnston - Advisory Board Member

David L. Ronn - Advisory Board Member

GLX – Global Listing Exchange is building the world’s only Capital Market Directory and Social Finance Network at The destination is a global capital market news data portal and ground-breaking financial networking platform.
GLX is revolutionizing the way each and every member of the world’s capital markets connects, communicates, shares, and accesses information.

The GLXCoin (GC) is an ERC20 compliant crypto­currency based on the Ethereum blockchain. The GC is a unit of measure and a medium of exchange similar to other currencies. Class A and B GCs can be used to pay for goods and services on the GLX platform and is the exclusive payment protocol in the GLX ecosystem. Class A GCs will be offered in our Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”), will be exchange tradable, and can be traded amongst members of the GLX network. Class B GCs can be earned for loyalty and incentives and will become freely tradeable after a 1-year hold from the date of issuance.

Expert Review

2.5 out of 5

GLXToken is a part of the whole GLX project and bigger platform. They say that their mission is to make the world’s capital markets more transparent, open, and connected. They want to create global capital market news data portal and financial networking platform. GLX will also act in a way as a base and ecosystem for other projects and dApps to be built upon and contribute in achieving these set goals. For now, there is no much information or details about the project and the team is still looking for members and developers.

User Review

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919192308 february 2018, 20:04

They start their project, but they aren't prepared yet. There is no official team list, nor any whitepapers. I mean, it doesn't mean that the project is instantly bad, but this gives some opinion about the team that they aren't well-prepared and it may cause troubles in the future as well. We will see how it goes, for now it's a gamble and I don't think anyone should buy their tokens that early.

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