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Global Logistics Business System

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Smart contract blockchain




Roman Remes - PR specialist/ Creative Director

Helena Krasts - Logistic specialist

Nicolas Tinkoff - Transport specialist

Alexander Sukhov - Experience in the field of transportation

Alexander Kis - IT-specialist

Sitaram Tanvar - Economist

Expert Review

2 out of 5

We need to separate a promising technology from promising ICO. This project actually has a very good idea, they want to create a system that will help in planning, scheduling and logistics of a company. It adapts to the current conditions, meaning it can adjust the plans in case there are some delays or unexpected events. When someone wants to have their goods delivered, they don't need to build whole chains of carriers and logistics, they can just use this system, which will suggest which service will be the most effective in this particular moment. Globus however, lacks the proper delivery of their own product. This ICO is interesting in terms of what they offer, but there won't be many buyers of this token, therefore they won't raise funds. The site's design is very poor and from the information provided there it's hard to understand what they actually offer. It's a pity, as the team consists of very experienced people who may in fact deliver a great technology. But if ICO wants to be successful they need to be able to sell their product. The marketing presence of this project is nonexistent and they may even discourage potential buyers, despite having a very interesting technology to offer.

User Review

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99degrees06 october 2017, 09:55

I agree with the previous reviewer that the design is very bad, however when I researched the technical information a bit, it actually looks very interesting. They aim to create a platform, or sort of a system, that will improve the whole strategy and logistic and planning field. This tool may become very useful for companies. It is able to dynamically calculate and reschedule all the plans in case there are any events like someone being late or the weather condition delays the delivery of goods. They want guarantee that the deal will be sealed, with all the payments and transactions being registered on the transparent blockchain. The team is very experienced in programming, so they will be able to develop such platform, however yes, they should improve their advertising strategy and the presence when it comes to looks and designs, as these are the things that help sold the product.

Iuop06 october 2017, 09:50

First of all, what strikes me the most is the rather awful design of the site. I mean, the site is like the first thing a potential investor sees, so if it doesn't look promising, that may say that the project isn't also promising. In my opinion it looks very amateur, but maybe they just need to raise the funds with ICO to be able to afford better programmers and graphics. But if you don't have the needed skills, then don't start ICO.

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