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Global Crypto Bank


Bank of the future combining convenience of plastic cards

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Smart contract blockchain




Jim Thomson - Founder

Ross Crunk - CFO co-founder

Daniel Courtney - CTO

William Gordon - CEO

Erik Crowley - CPO

Enlai Jiang - Marketing

Global Crypto Bank create payment service provider with the cash card which will be accepted by all ATMs and POS terminals of the world working in the MasterCard and VISA systems. These are millions of shops, restaurants, cafe and various a computer worldwide. Along with it sellers will be able to cut the transaction expenses. They will be able to allow an additional discount to buyers. And, in comparison with cash payment or classical plastic cards, calculation in our payment service provider will be more convenient and favorable.

Expert Review

2.4 out of 5

They want to become the bank of the future, which combines convenience of plastic cards with independence of blockchain technology. From all of the projects that want to connect crypto and fiat currencies together and allow to pay for ordinary mainstream goods and services with your favourite cryptocurrencies, this project seems like the weakest one. The competition in this area is huge and there are many other already successful similar ICO projects. Global Crypto Bank doesn't offer anything that would make it stand out and encourage user to use their service instead of other existing ones.

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