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Investment in Real Estate

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Smart contract blockchain




Vitaly Shashkov - Executive Partner

Aleksander Bystrov - Executive Partner

Dmitry Navoznikov - Executive Partner

Waldemar Reimer - Business Development

Vladislav Avdonin - Developer

Ruslan Gilazov - Developer

GENESIS is a unique project created on the basis of digital technologies and innovative blockchain technology; it provides to its partners simple and reliable mechanisms for distributed investment in real estate, united in one fund, as well as a high stable income from their commercial usage.

We have created an international multifunctional platform and we maintain the entire infrastructure that gives to its members the access to real estate of different commercial purposes and various value, situated in different parts of the world.

GENESIS platform will allow investors to redistribute and transfer their assets expeditiously and for free between the objects of real estate and the projects that use other platforms through digital technologies and crypto-assets. 

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

Genesis wants to make investments in highly profitable commercial real estate more available for people and much easier to make. They've chosen real estate for being historically one of the better and reliable types of investments with very high incomes. Currently, with rapidly developing cities the market is expanding even faster and there are more and more opportunities to earn passive income. Genesis wants to offer their expertise and experience when it comes to investing, while token holders will act as a co-owners of this real estate. All of the profits will be then divided between all of the users, based on their involvement. The interesting feature is that one could invest as little as one dollar and still get some portion of the profits. The platform aims to meet all international regulations like KYC and AML. The biggest advantage is the team, which is very wide and consists of blockchain developers but most importantly real estate agents and specialists, which will be the ones responsible for the best usage of money and profitable investments. One can easily track their previous experience.

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