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Creator behind the blockchain 3.0 concept

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Smart contract blockchain




Larry Liu - Co-founder

Waylon Wu - Co-founder

Andrea Liu - Co-founder

Jason Inch - Co-founder

Genaro Network, as the creator behind the blockchain 3.0 concept, aims to contribute to blockchain infrastructure technology development. The Genaro Network is the first Turing Complete Public Chain + Decentralized Storage Network, to provide blockchain developers a one-stop solution to deploy smart contracts and store data simultaneously. The Genaro Public Chain uses PoS (Proof of Stake) as consensus, and creatively uses the SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) algorithm as its storage consensus, which could increase both public chain scalability and file transferring speed.
Moreover, Genaro applies game theory to a sharing economy business model, thereby establishing a fairer rewards system for nodes. Meanwhile, Genaro provides end users with a private, efficient, economic, secure and permanent storage space and sharing community. As a member of Chainbase / Wanxiang, Genaro has attracted support from seven famous blockchain foundations, including BlockAsset, a subsidiary of Fenbushi Capital. Genaro is the revolution to move from "Cloud" to "Blockchain"! We believe that only when a blockchain is able to store and analyze big data in the real world can DAPPs be as useful as Internet APPs.

Expert Review

4 out of 5

When it comes to the sole technology, they may develop a very interesting concept of this new blockchain 3.0 solution. Genaro wants to create a base for new technologies and most importantly dapps to be created upon their platform. They want to provide the users with almost unlimited storage and very powerful computing system. They will achieve it with the help of the users, who can devote some part of their unused storage, with a lot of participants this can become a very powerful tool. However, they need to face a competition of projects that have already successfully finished their ICOs. The sole design of the site looks quite good and the team seems like proper people to deliver such product. Blockchain is the technology of future and we can expect a lot of apps using it, so a tool that can help the developers do this, can be very influential and widely used.

User Review

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Anger Management01 november 2017, 22:40

The introduction of the blockchain 3.0 idea will for sure be in a way revolutionairy. Apart from that, they look rather like an ordinary file sharing and storing project. Nevertheless, they still look rather solid and promisable. They want to focus on dapps development and I think this is a very good target. If they will be able to amass that much storage and computing power, why don't let some bigger projects host there, as ordinary people wouldn't be able to fill all the storage with normal data. Seems like a platform that can act as a foundation for bigger things.

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