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The blockchain based AI platform providing personal assistance in cannabis industry

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Smart contract blockchain




Gapseong Noh - Chief Executive Officer

Ken Tachibana - Chief Financial Officer

Yongjun Choi - Creative Director

Sean Lee - Chief Marketing Officer

Hojin Lee - Chief Technical Officer

DR. Paul Jeong - Technical Adviser

Yongho Ko - Data Analyst

Pradip Pau - Head of R&D, India

GANA Technologies provides optimized AI solutions to individuals and research institutes by establishing an ecosystem which collects and shares data from the cannabis industry. GANA Technologies would make users be the indirect developers of AI as they provide the necessary data for responsible AI training. GANA Technologies would also provide the directions for maintaining the good intentions of AI, and retain objectivity by manging AI transparently and exhaustively according to development on the procedures and training results.

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

GANA uses blockchain and AI technology to bring the cannabis industry to the next level. The blockchain technology is used for the transparent management of data collected from both consumers and companies. While there are more and more countries accepting medical usage of marijuana or even allow for recreational usage, the project will still have to face many obstacles and maybe law-connected problems.They want the platform to be useful for consumers, growers, distributors, contents and product makers but also research institutions and marketing firms. Users can earn tokens by contributing to this database with their own information or content. The sites and the documentation provides a lot of useful information making it easy to understand the project's idea. GANA successfully conducted ICO phase.

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