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Marketplace for the transparent, safe, and frictionless buying and selling of gaming digital goods

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Smart contract blockchain




JT Nguyen - Co-founder and CEO

Terry Ngo - Co-founder and CTO

Bryan Talbot - Head of Engineering

Matheus Arnellas - Head of Live Operations

Ed Kim - Head of Business Development

Udayan Sharma - Head of Marketing

Gameflip is dedicated to creating a transparent, safe, and frictionless infrastructure for buying and selling of digital goods among gamers. Established in 2014 in Silicon Valley, California, USA, Gameflip has built a robust marketplace for gamers to buy and sell digital goods:

  • Over 2 million gamers buying and selling gaming digital goods safely with Gameflip
  • Over 10 million web views and 2 million mobile app accesses monthly
  • Millions of digital goods transacted monthly

With FLIP and blockchain technology, Gameflip is taking the next major step to realize ubiquitous liquidity for digital goods.

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