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The most powerful Infrastructure for crypto investment based on blockchain

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Smart contract blockchain




Jerry - Crypto asset manager

Daniel - Director of blockchain technology

Richard - Product Director

Kevin - Architect of blockchain technology system

Cherry - Director of Overseas operation

Weter - Blockchain Technologist

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

FundOS wants to provide a cryptoinvestor with all the necessary and useful tools. They want to act as an ultimate platform to manage all your cryptoassets. FOS wants also to help in making the decision on what crypto to invest in. You can decide based on data from all the statistics, graphs and market monitor tools, but the interesting part is the AI technology that can analyze it all for you and suggest assets and cryptocurrencies that are the most likely to yield high profits. But you don't have to rely on it fully. The investor can get the notification when anything interesting is happening, or even set the AI so that it will buy assets automatically in such case. There will be some competition as there are other projects that aim to create easily manageable crypto funds as well, but there is nothing that FOS lacks, so they can compete with other projects with great confidence.

User Review

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Thomas Rustiger24 september 2017, 14:36

They have noticed that with the spread of cryptocurrencies, people are getting more and more interested in them not only when it comes to technological aspects but also poor financial potential profits. FOS knows that technology is meant to help human, therefore they have created a platform that introduces intelligent trading to make sure all the risks are put to the minimum, thanks to the AI. The interesting technology is packed in a very nice and futuristic looking design. The platform will be available on all the devices to enable investor to access it wherever and whenever he wants.

Litecoin_Lover24 september 2017, 14:31

They aim to become that platform which would combine all cryptocurrency investing-related things. It will allow you to create your own fund and easily managed your crypto assets of all sort, trade it easily and with the help of AI bots to be set to automatically invest when it's the best and most profitable time.

Sites design is very good and grasp users interest very quickly and efficiently.

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