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Fund Platform


Solution for digital funds

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Smart contract blockchain




Nikita Shevchenko - Founder, Chief technical

Tatyana Aldoshina - Digital Art Director

Yulian Lazovskiy - Chief Strategy Officer

Sergey Surov - Chief Financial and Strategic

Igor Sannikov - Chief Operating Officer

Аndrey Zaikin - Chief Marketing Officer

Aleksandra Ivanova - Content manager

Fund Platform will simplify the process of creating cryptofunds. The service will allow traders to create funds quickly and cost-effectively and provide a convenient tool for investment to private investors. Fund Platform acts as a platform where traders in private offices create funds in a few minutes, users invest without worrying that they will disappear at one moment - the responsibility for safety of the funds lies on the Fund Platform service. Fund Platform helps to create funds without pouring huge amounts of money into marketing and creating website. And for ordinary users F.P. provides a simple tool for investing money in cryptocurrency. Fund Platform users will exchange tokens of all project exchanges for any cryptocurrency using FUND token.

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

The Fund Platform offers an all-in-one solution for funds and investors. The functionality of the future platform, judging by the statements of the founders, promises to be very broad. Different tools cover many different interaction scenarios in the framework of investment projects - both regular and one-off. One can trade with a margin or trade on the API and through robots. It's easy to change exchanges and tools in seconds. Investors can also choose a reliable fund for transparent statistics. The project site has a link to MVP, but access to it is limited. Investors ICO recommend that you first check this point in person by going through the registration. In terms of visual design, the project site looks quite good. The White Paper, which currently seems hard to find, during the early ICO phase had sufficient information and clarified many important points. There is no team provided on the project's site.

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