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Instant Accountless Exchange

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Francesco Simonetti - CEO

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4 out of 5

First of all, their approach to the users, community and general idea in cryptotechnologies is worth noting. They want to create cryptocurrency exchange that doesn't require registration. To empower users and fight the whole centralization of this field, they want to share their profits with token holders. They care for privacy and transparency. When it comes to the service itself, already working platform acts of course as an advantage. However, it doesn't feel too much like a real exchange, but more like exchanging service when you can just swap one currency into the other on current rate, but it still works great in their case. The exchange is almost instant and cheap. They need to raise the money to extend the exchange amount limits, but you are able to try out the platform yourself even at the earliest ICO phase. The design is good, everything is easy to use and the whole platform seems very user-friendly, while ICO seems very tokenbuyer-friendly, with 50% of exchange profits shared and votes and polls being held to let user help them decide on important decisions. They should be an example to other ICOs of how to treat project supporters.

User Review

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sotoshihero09 october 2017, 12:30

There are many competing exchanges already but this one I think will stand out because it has a unique features. Their website is neat and you can find more infos. It is still 12 days to end but seems they are doing fine. This is truly an anonymous trading site where no account is needed. This project is well funded I think that we will be watching when they launch.

Gio03 october 2017, 17:56

You can read all has to offer on their website but what you won't find there how amazing their stuff is.

They answer everybody's question (on Telegram, for instance) with the utmost professionalism and patience, even if the question has already been answered thousands times and all the answer are also on their FAQs, whitepaper or even main page of their website.

The ICO looks brilliant and the exchange too. I personally love the idea of a more community based exchange.

Definitely worth a try and don't worry if you think right it's not 100% competitive against other well established exchanges. They are working hard to be much more competitive and they are making daily progress. After all, they are still in early stages.

So far, the premises are very good.

Andreas Kramer02 october 2017, 20:55

They accept various cryptocurrencies for their ICO not only the well known ones!
They're exchange is already working and they only need the money to expand their service. Looks great for me!

Windjlou01 october 2017, 17:08

- Share 50% profit with token holders
- Fast and almost instant exchange
- Easy to use
- Nice design
- Interesting currencies choice (other then the most popular ones)
- Active users will get part of the tokens with every exchange

- There are other big and well-established exchanges
- There is no much trading going on, only exchanging one currency into the other
- Competition with Shapeshift for example

BUY LISK30 september 2017, 11:15

Interesting part of this ICO is that they raise the funds in various cryptocurrency and are not limited only to the biggest and most popular one. They have a working platform and need money only to expand their services and raise exchange limits. I hope that maybe one day they will add Lisk to their exchange as it's a very interesting cryptocurrency. And I think Lisk will be the next thing. But from the most interesting "altcoins" they offer now there are Dash, ZCash and Syscoin.

ICO GUY29 september 2017, 00:45

For me the best thing about holding this token is the fact that 50% of this exchange profit will be distributed among the holders. In case of a popular exchange we are talking about very big sums of money and to get regularly some part of it seems like the best thing possible. And this profit is not only distributed with their tokens, but you can set it up to be paid to you in ETH, BTC or other popular cryptocurrency. Worth buying. Really.

Litecoin_Lover24 september 2017, 14:42

The already working beta exchange is for sure an advantage. They want to create an exchange without registration, but I wonder how much is it an actual exchange platform and not only a cryptocurrency changing service like for example ShapeShift. It is weird as we don't see the general buy and sell bids and we cannot really set our own price for what we would like to buy a particular crypto. So it's not much of an general exchange and more of an changing one currency into the other. Maybe with the ICO finished they will be able to extend it's features.

Spartaco20 september 2017, 21:16

Great service. Easy to exchange one crypto to another without registration. I didn't even have to leave my email. They also have currency pairs I couldn't find elsewhere. That must be because they do it for you. I like the fact they are raising funds with a working product that is already exchanging cryptos. I have also seen they have an API for developers to accept multicurrency payments. Once they take away business from the competition, I can see the token to be worth a lot more and anyways it gives me 50% of the profits made by the exchange. Definitely holding the tokens for a while

TanyaDegurechaff16 september 2017, 19:02

The idea of this ICO is simple and short yet it is very useful for traders and investors out there. That is account less exchange. So what is this account less exchange and how can I benefit from it?
Well if you are concerned of your privacy and want a smooth transaction without filing so many forms then this service is just right for you. But I have concerns about his service as well. Since you don’t have an account keeping tabs on your transactions might be a hassle.
When it comes to profit from this ICO I say that it’s quite high. 50% of the income will be distributed every three months. Quite a long time to wait unlike other ICO but I think it’s worth it because how high the profit will be.

Idle Island10 september 2017, 21:42

Cryptocurrency exchange that works without any accounts is truly cryptocurrency exchange the cryptocurrency world has always needed. I mean that is the essence of the whole decentralized, crypto world. You don't need to provide your data to anyone and can remain anonymous, yet everything that is happening is as transparent as possible thanks to the blockchain technology. The biggest advantage of this project is the fact that their exchange is already working, they need funds to develop and expand their project, but you can see for yourself the product.

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