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The premiere social platform to buy and sell content and information

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Jason Fitch - Managing Director: Business Development/Advisory

Rhett Dinsdale - Business Development/Account Management/Advisory

Flowfeed is the premiere social platform to buy and sell content and information.

We are creating a dynamic platform where people are now incentivised to sell their content and premium information. We believe the people who should be benefiting most from social media platforms such as Flowfeed, are the users themselves who provide the valuable content.

Everyone may have thoughts, insights, ideas, information, knowledge, premium content and expertise that others may deem valuable, interesting or can learn from. If you believe others will want to receive such content, sign up now and join the Flowfeed community. You will receive free tokens and be amongst the first people to use the platform once live.

Expert Review

3 out of 5

Flowfeed aims to provide quite an interesting platform, where creators could easily sell their content. With the popularization of the Internet, people can easily access various type of content and watch videos or read books and stories for example. Therefore, such platform has a chance of succeeding and can possibly find it's users. However it will be hard to compete against other well-known and established platforms and sites and also independent creators. The information provided on their website is very limited. The team is listed there by names, but there are no links to any of their social media accounts to prove there are real people behind this project.

User Review

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875479087503 december 2017, 16:26

I kinda doubt in the team of this project. There are only 4 people listed there and they all seem to be managers. I hope that they have their teams of programmers and workers beneath them, because otherwise it just seems like they won't be able to deliver the fully working platform. There is also no one responsible for the marketing of the ICO, which is a significant drawback, as the project needs to be advertised in order to find many investors and possible future users.

virtual03 december 2017, 16:07

The project looks quite unprepared. I mean, there is little to no information about how exactly they are going to achieve this. And such platform needs to be heavyly advertised in order to encourage any content creators and users to get there. Also with sites like YouTube that offers now they paid services or general popularization of Patreon among content creators, I doubt anyone will be interested in selling their content for some random tokens. But the idea of one marketplace itself is rather a good one. We will see.

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