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A distributed ledger protocol for the Internet of Things

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Smart contract blockchain




Henry Hughes - CTO

Bowie Grey - CMO

Archie Alexander - Blockchain Engineer

Wendell Jenkins - CFO

Tz-Lu Tai - Blockchain & Software Engineer

Sasha Ivanov - Network admin – Software Engineer

Exxor is a cryptocurrency fine-tuned to provide efficient M2M interactions in the IoT industry. Instead of block chain it uses Directed Acylic Graphs (DAG) which enables zero fees on micro transactions, high scalability and offline transactions. Exxor uses a technology derived by DAG in which every transaction forms its own block verified by two randomly chosen previous transactions.

Expert Review

1.5 out of 5

Exxor wants to connect all the world devices into a single network. It is a rather brave idea, therefore it may become very hard to deliver such platform successfully. It uses Directed Acyclic Graphs instead of general blockchain, which allows zero transactions between devices on its network. The major drawback may be the fact that they are rather closed and not well advertised. Even their site is not fully translated to English, which limits potential investors and users. It's hard to find any proper information about the project and any solid plan on how they are going to introduce their platform to million of users they want to connect.

User Review

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christobal.colon.oz18 october 2017, 02:31

Its a scam. Sadly i learned it the hard way. I sended them 2.5 ethereum but didnt get any tokens from them. The support told me to send more ethereum.

The "live level" of the pre ico is faked too. After day one it was at 2.5 million funds raised. It stayed at this level for a few days. It didn't chance even for a dollar. Suddenly at the 7th day they "raised" over 7mill.

Save your money. Just google " exxor scam". You will find more prove.

Excuse me my bad english, its not my mother tongue.

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